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Authoritative repository

first post: mausch wrote: Is the current authoritative repository the one in github ( https:...

latest post: dmohl wrote: Thanks. This is now done.

Overriding 'not'

first post: mausch wrote: Currently, FsUnit overrides the 'not' function, which is a standar...

Targeting .NET 3.5

first post: mausch wrote: Is there any particular reason why FsUnit was upgraded to .net 4.0 ...

latest post: dmohl wrote: Yeah, that sounds great!

NUnit Equals Within Constraint

first post: erdoll wrote: Great wrapper for NUnit with use by F#. Currently using it on a pr...

latest post: dmohl wrote: equalWithin has been added.

Move to GitHub?

first post: mikeobrien wrote: I'm really loving FsUnit. Ever think about moving it to GitHub? I t...

latest post: mikeobrien wrote: Dan,Awesome to hear!Thx,m

nuget and nunit 2.5.10

first post: erdoll wrote: NUnit is now at Version 2.5.10.The Nuget Package constaints the dep...

latest post: dmohl wrote: It has been updated in the NuGet Package release.

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